The Eco Fryer is not completely no oil

2019-04-11 19:17:42 160

From the university, almost every school gate, there is a shop that sells Fried chicken, and business is very good. Crispy Fried things smell good, always is easy to let a person have appetite. But when eating guilt also is very strong, on the one hand, it is well known Fried food is not healthy, on the other hand, to eat many easy to get fat.
So these two years, there is a pot is very popular, is the Eco Fryer, this pan said don't need oil can do the Fried process, are very attractive indeed. The reporter understands interviews with experts, however, compared to common Fried, "Eco Fryer" cooked food fat content is lower. But also find a lot of used citizen, with Eco Fryer Fried food does not completely not to put oil, otherwise do not taste sweet.
In addition, because food is heated with Eco Fryer, average temperature will be over 120 ℃, also can produce acrylamide class of suspected carcinogen, so even if is to use the Eco Fryer, when to eat the Fried food, also want to be temperate, not excessive.