Air fryer fryer no advantage in what areas?

2019-04-11 16:02:46 61

No Eco Fryer fryer has several advantages, first, fried things out during food basket can always see the situation, then it will automatically power off when the food basket will continue into the heating again. To the pot will power, truly safe and convenient. Second, a long, high temperature, security worries. Liner and shell are made of high temperature materials, no matter how high the temperature by how long have to worry about security issues. Third, food filter layer, no longer have to worry about soot residues. Food fried grease oozing during a special diet can be at the bottom of the filter layer absorbs storage to prevent scattered smoke flavor, but also you a healthy lifestyle. Fourth, the super-quiet, low decibel noise pollution. New technology brings new life, not only health but also your stomach quiet your ears. In the cooking process without fear of noise nuisance. You can make a delicious quietly. Fifth, no Eco Fryer fryer without oil but also the food itself, the oil forced out, eating delicious and healthy.