Air frying pan works

2019-04-11 15:48:22 95

The arrival of the era of home appliances to our lives has brought great convenience, Eco Fryer is one of them, it is only in recent years of a popular cooking products. About Eco Fryer you know how much? What Eco Fryer works?

1, the use of exclusive high-speed air circulation technology, heat from the top fryer divergence, and accelerated in the pot to create a strong air convection, ensure food quickly formed outside cooking fried golden crispy effect, water vapor was smart discharged, so the food inside juicy, delicious and crunchy can bring wonderful taste.
2, high-speed air circulation technology is currently the world's most advanced, using only air cooking without oil or less oil, so it will not generate a lot of smoke, while the right temperature to ensure food nutrition is not lost. Fat fryer to produce than conventional fried food during cooking time is reduced by up to 80%, a unique combination of fast circulating hot air oven components and lets you quick and easy way to fry a variety of delicious food snacks, seafood and meat; at the same time, since only air frying, so less smell and vapors than traditional frying produce, and easy to clean in daily use, safe and economical.
3, high-power fan through rapid cycles of heat in the food basket inside. Air fryer is the principle of the air through the top of the baking means rapid heating.
4, the inner portion of special food baskets lines formed vortex heat, 360 degrees contacting surfaces ingredients, moisture quickly away three heated to produce a synergistic effect onset, thereby golden crispy skin formed on the surface, to look and frying Taste!